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Honnavar the “Golden Town” of  Konkan Coast is located between Mangalore and Goa on the coastal belt. It is situated 25 kilometers north of Murdeshwar and 60 kilometers towards south of Gokarna. National highway 207 connects Tumkur and Honavar. History of Honavar goes as old as to AD 247 as described by a Greek author Periplus of Erythraean. Presently it has got the second longest road bridge of 2.1 kilometers and longest railway bridge in India both constructed across the river Sharavathi.  Water that falls from Jog Falls flows as Sharavathi and connects to sea at Honnavar. Since the days of history till today people of Honnavar are gorgeous and authentic.

The city blessed with beautiful scenery covered with the view of Malemane Ghat to its east where the sun rises between mountains and sets in the Arabian sea with golden red horizon.  Fish is the common food over here and you will many restaurants that serves fresh fish dishes. Fishing is the main occupation here where it is exported to foreign countries. Coconut, aracanut, pepper are the main agricultural products. During 16th century Honnavar was producing 300 tons of pepper every year. People over here are comfortable and the leading their routine life smoothly.  Schools and colleges caters good education here. If you have not visited Honnavar once in your lifetime you have missed out something.


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